Chocolate financiers with banana jam and whipped chocolate ganache: one of my favourites from the Cocoa Black patisserie course.

Welcome to It’s all about the cake!

When I started as ‘cake critic’ for the Saturday Herald magazine, the aim was to find the best home and artisan baking in tearooms, coffee shops and bakeries in and around Glasgow. As someone who truly appreciates good cake (I reckon there isn’t much which can’t be fixed with a good slice of cake and a hot mug of tea) I set out to look for and write about the best baking I could find and the talented people producing it. I tasted some beautiful cakes along the way and met some amazing bakers and pastry chefs. Although I say it’s all about the cake, it’s just as much all about the people.

Here you’ll find some of the reviews of the tearooms, coffee shops and bakeries which were featured in the Herald magazine, along with some new ones.  There are interviews too, with some of the inspirational people I’ve met along the way, and there may be occasional recipes…. I also love to bake.

So if, like me, good cake is something you really enjoy, I hope you can find some people, places and recipes here to inspire you on your way.

Thanks for stopping by!


© Catherine Lawson and It’s all about the cake 2015


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